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Tableau Reports for Faculty

Student Support Dashboard

This report provides details on student support cases opened about your course.

Risk Profile and Grade Correlation Dashboard

This report provides information on student grades in relation to their activity in your course.

Tableau Reports for College and Department Administrators

FIU Online is happy to provide College and Department Administrators access to detailed reporting for their particular colleges and departments. Please click on each report to access the information.

Course Enrollments and Capacity

The following report provides enrollments with a list of courses based on the semester, college, department, level and enrollment number. Capacity is also provided and the percentage filled (enrollment divided by capacity available).

Course Performance Analysis

The following report summarizes all grades for online courses and provides you with a percentage breakdown by letter grade.

Course Performance by Instructional Method Comparison

The following dashboard allows you to compare a course pass/fail rates by different instruction modes. The top view provides with the instruction modes you are comparing and their pass/fail rates. Use the bottom view to further drill down to a specific section and still have the ability to look at the overall course view.

Headcount and Enrollments

The following report provides headcount and enrollment figures. It also includes enrollment growth and student credit hours.

Online/Hybrid Student Credit Hours

The following report provides percentage of student credit hours taken via online and hybrid courses.

Blackboard Analytics

Blackboard Analytics for Learn combines extensive data from Blackboard with student and course attributes from PantherSoft to create comprehensive reports and dashboards for our students, instructors, staff, and leadership.

You now have access to 4 analytics reports in each of your Blackboard courses.

    1. Course at a glance
    2. Activity and Grade Scatter Plot
    3. Activity Matrix
    4. Course Submission Summary

What's in the reports?

    1. The Course at a Glance report provides comparative information against other courses in the same academic department. You can view how the students in your course are performing compared to the average of all students enrolled in the same course.

    2. The Activity and Grade Scatter Plot report plots students enrolled in a course against two variables: the Grade Center external grade and course accesses. This report can help analyze how the activity of students does (or doesn’t) relate to the grade recorded in the Grade Center.

      • Course Access and Grade Scatter Plot
    3. The Activity Matrix report provides information on students who fit certain activity and performance profiles. For example, instructors can find students that are very active in a course, but struggle from a grade perspective.

      • Activity and Grade Matrix
    4. The Course Submission Summary report provides a list of students in a course with submission information for each student. This report can be used to identify student engagement by displaying trends and numbers of submissions compared to the average across all students in that course. Students below the average may not be sufficiently engaged in the course and may need assistance.

      • Course Submission Summary

It is important to note that in order for the analytics reports to display accurately, the grade center within Blackboard must be actively used throughout the semester. Additionally, Analytics reports are most accurate when a weighted column is used as the final grade column and set as the external grade.

To review additional training regarding using the Blackboard Grade center, please visit our on-demand site.

Learn how to run reports in your course by watching How to run Analytics reports.

Student Views

In addition to the faculty reports, there is an optional student report that can be made available for your students to view. The student report will show the student their progress as it compares to the course average. We recommend enabling the student views because it allows for the students in your course to get an idea of where they stand and provides as a motivational piece for them.

Below is an example of the student report:

  • Compared to Course Average

Watch Adding the Student Analytics View for instructions on how to add the student view to your course.